What is a Personal Chef?

A personal chef is a chef that specializes in preparing customized meals for clients based on their preferences and dietary needs. Meals are cooked in the clients’ kitchen and left to enjoy at their leisure. The Shared Plate Personal chef services include grocery shopping, personalized healthy menu planning, meal preparation, storage and cleanup. 

How will I benefit from hiring a Personal Chef?

Personal chef services are ideal for individuals, couples or families who do not have the time, desire or culinary ability to cook the food they want to (or need to because of dietary restrictions) eat. Whether you are on a special diet, are struggling with a food sensitivity, want to lose weight or just simply want to feel lighter and more energized after meals instead of sluggish and heavy, Chef Whitney will save you hours of precious time spent in the kitchen and/or dollars spent on carry out by preparing nutritionally balanced, delicious meals for you in your home. Specially trained in cooking for optimal health, Chef Whitney always uses non-GMO, organic, whole foods to prepare meals that will not only nourish your body, but will also put food and diet related stress to rest for good.  

How it Works

Using the highest quality ingredients available, Chef Whitney will prepare healthy, delicious meals for you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Cook days occur once per week after which you will be left with a fridge full of healthy meals ready and waiting to be eaten on your schedule. You will know exactly where your food comes from and will be able to rest assured that it has been made with care. Before your first cook date, you will meet with Chef Whitney to discuss preferences, dietary restrictions, health goals and allergies and sensitivities so that every meal is tailored to meet your liking and needs.


Prices vary depending on the number of people in your household being cooked for and number of meals per week you would like prepared. Most clients find 3-5 entrees plus sides per week to be an ideal amount of food.  Rates start at $300 for personal chef services, plus the cost of groceries and out of pocket expenses, i.e. parking. 

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