You have a special occasion coming up. 

Are you already dreading being stuck in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove while the rest of your guests are having fun in the next room? Or worse - waking up the next morning to a stack of dirty dishes so high, you had no idea you even owned that many dishes? 

Let the Shared Plate help. 

Make your next dinner or party a relaxed and joyous occasion for everyone, including you! As a former planner of large scale fundraising events and black-tie galas, Chef Whitney knows the ins and outs of planning events large and small. From menu planning to grocery shopping, cooking, plating and presentation, Chef Whitney will craft a stunning spread sure to wow your guests. Better yet, kitchen clean-up is included. 

Catering Options & Pricing 

Family Style/Buffet

  •  Ideal for informal parties or gatherings. Guests help themselves to food.
  •  $30/person + cost of groceries and out of pocket expenses, i.e. parking. 
  •  $300 minimum

Plated Meals

  • Ideal for more formal dinners. Each course is served table side. 
  •  $50 - $80/person, depending on number of courses, + cost of groceries and out of pocket expenses, i.e. parking. 
  •  $300 minimum 

Contact Chef Whitney about catering your next dinner or party